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Update Your Home with Black Vinyl Windows

Update Your Home with Black Vinyl Windows

In the last few years, black windows have grown into one of the most wanted styles for new and replacement windows. And for good reason. If your residence has lighter-colored siding, black windows create an eye-catching statement that adds curb appeal.

When getting new windows, you could think that black windows are too trendy and could go out of style fast. But these windows have been used for a long time. They’ve been installed in varying applications, from tiny greenhouses to big warehouses and luxury houses. Now, you’ll often notice them on popular farmhouse-style homes, but they can be the finishing touch for a lot of different varieties of architectural styles.

When it comes to selecting window materials, steel is one of the most desired. But it’s also the most expensive. However, black windows are made in several other materials, including wood, fiberglass and even vinyl.

Vinyl windows work with the largest range of budgets. And they have many perks, like energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. Here are a few more advantages of selecting black vinyl windows for your house.

Keeps Your Residence Comfy and Your Heating and Cooling Bills Down

Pella® vinyl windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They receive top scores for energy performance ratings, and some are even ENERGY STAR® certified. These windows can help your home remain constantly comfortable while likely decreasing utility costs. When getting rid of single-pane windows, ENERGY STAR® says a usual homeowner can save an average of $101–$538 on each year’s heating and cooling costs.

Low Maintenance and Quick to Clean

Vinyl windows don’t have to have much upkeep. Pella follows an enhanced paint process to ensure lasting color. Our proprietary formula is tested and proven to weather the effects of extreme temperatures and humidity. When vinyl windows require cleaning, stains and dirt are easy to wipe away from the frame, when needed.

Long Use

With professional installation and ample care, vinyl windows can last many years. On average, they may last 20 years or longer. At Pella, we follow unique installation procedures to make sure your windows are replaced properly and that you’ll enjoy the best energy efficiency.

Black Exterior, White Interior

Black vinyl windows are a great look for your residence’s exterior. But having that black frame on the interior of your home can make it seem darker. That’s why Pella has dual-color vinyl frames in our 250 Series. These windows have a black exterior and white interior so your residence will feel airy and full of daylight.

If you are seeking a solid color frame, with black inside and outside your home, you’ll need to choose fiberglass or wood windows.

Customize Your Black Vinyl Windows with Pella of Mankato

When it’s time to begin considering window replacement, the specialists at Pella of Mankato can support you. Whether energy efficiency or additional features are at the top of the list, we’ll help you create the right custom vinyl windows for your home. Give us a call at 507-625-6933 to get started right away!

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